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Video Production:


Whether it's pre-production, production, or post production, don't hesitate to reach out. This is what I do and I love doing it! Why else would I pay $100 grand for college to learn this stuff? I can't believe they charge so much...

I'm another title

Analog to Digital: 


Wait... are you telling me you still have those VHS and other analog contraption around collecting dust? Dude... what's wrong with you! Over time, (if it hasn't yet) those prehistoric poop are going to be paper weight. If you need it saved from grandfather time, I can digitize that for you. Seriously... 

I'm another title

Motion Graphics:


So you want something flashy to bring up the production value of whatever it is you're working on... Great! Tell me what's on your mind and let me help you create something that will make you look even more professional than you already are and make people think you're the shiznit.




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